Precious Metals

At AGUAdeORO we use the following precious metals:
Platinum 950 - Yellow gold 750 (18 carats) - Red or pink gold 750 (18 carats) - White gold 750 (18 carats).



Platinum is a hypoallergenic white metal characterised by its strength. Platinum is very difficult to work with and is highly recommended for fine claws.


Fair Trade gold
We use 750 or 18 carat gold for the majority of our creations.

The colours available for our creations are yellow gold, pink (or red) gold and white gold. The special wedding bands of our founders make our gold colours unalterable, that is to say they do not change over time.



The high value of gold and the lack of regulation regarding certificates of origin cause problems, such as money laundering and unfair trade. Another latent problem is that gold extraction is often done with mercury. Mercury is used to separate and extract gold from the rocks or stones in which it is found. This process is not only dangerous but harmful to the miner, his community and nature. That is why AGUAdeORO is committed to working only with MaxHavelaar and PX Impact accredited suppliers.



At AGUAdeORO, responsible mining is very important, which is why we buy gold from suppliers who guarantee transparency in terms of origin, good mining practices and a fair price.

We therefore work with two service providers:


Max Havelaar fairtrade gold, an organization committed to better protect people and the environment in artisanal gold mining.


"Small scale, high quality shop, with very friendly staff who give great personalized attention. I really appreciate that they are advocates of fair trade gold and offer the option of lab-grown diamonds as well.
Would recommend to anyone."

Tamás K. (Google Review)