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AGUAdeORO is a family jewelry store founded in 2009 in Geneva. Its history goes back more than 70 years in Bolivia. The name "AGUAdeORO" refers in Spanish to water "AGUA" and gold "ORO", because water is a precious resource, like gold.
Specializing mainly in wedding bands and engagement rings, AGUAdeORO is an ethical and responsible jewelry brand. We offer cultured diamonds, as well as mine stones with GIA certificate of origin, of very high quality. Thanks to this, we can trace the course of our precious stones from their place of extraction to our shop. We are thus positioning ourselves as a leader in social responsibility using only fair trade materials, such as Fairtrade gold certified by Max Havelaar. Concerned about the well-being of our society and the planet, we are among the best recommend jeweler on the market.

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