Portrait of Marisol Caravatti – One of AGUadeORO's first Cover Girls.

Born and raised in New York, Marisol studied Fashion Design and after she worked for several years in a modeling agency as a booker.

Now, based in Geneva, she founded her image consulting company, Marisol Image, to help people feel good about themselves. She’s a multi-facet woman, a mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, and a friend. As one of AGUAdeORO’s first Cover Girls, we had the pleasure to interview her about her future plans.


Hi Marisol, thank you so much for being here. It’s a pleasure to see you.

The pleasure is mine. Thank you so much for welcoming me in this beautiful boutique.


What brought you to Geneva?

My husband. He is Swiss and he is the reason why I came to Geneva. We met in New York, while I was working in a modeling agency. One day he came into my office. I looked up at him and remember thinking “that’s my future husband”. For me it was love at first sight. We are very different but agree on our common values. This strengthens our relationship.


How did you learn French?

I went to an intensive French school for a year in Lausanne. I have good memories. Learning French facilitated my integration and helped me become part of the community.


How would you describe your job?

I’m a stylist and an image consultant. I launched my business in 2007. Whether it’s their style, the color palette or personal shopping, overall, I help people to look and feel better. In 2016, I launched Instagram. I didn’t expect it to become an influencer profile, but I’m very glad people liked it. It just happened that way. I wanted it to be a very genuine and personal place, where I’d share some lifestyle and well-being tips. It’s a big pleasure to know that people enjoy my content and relate to it. Now I have two different missions: in image consulting and in inspiring people with the content I post.


How did you develop your passion for fashion? Do you remember when it all started?

My mother worked in the fashion industry, which probably also influenced me in taking this path. She worked for a company that made hair accessories back in the 80’s. They made everything by hand, so she started making my clothes. Whether it was for Christmas, a wedding, or any other occasion, she would make my sister’s and my clothes.

By watching her, I saw what it took to create clothing. That’s what inspired me to study fashion. It was a very natural path for me.


What does it take to be an image consultant?

I think you must naturally have an eye for what looks right on somebody, the colors, the proportions, etc. An eye for beauty and aesthetics. I have developed it through my studies in fashion design. It really helped a lot in the way I looked at things.


What do you like the most about your job?

The smile on people’s faces when they understand my advice and feel good. I have clients telling me that they don’t need me anymore because they’ve learned exactly what they need to wear and what to buy when they go shopping. I’m happy to know that I was able to help them acquire more well-being through a coherent image. It’s really the most important thing. The client is the most important factor of my job.


Would you say fashion and the art of image consulting are a science on their own?

Definitely. Everybody is different. What looks right on one person won’t look right on the other. In the end it’s all about making people feel good about themselves and for them not to waste time in the morning in front of their closet wondering “what am I going to wear”?


How did you develop your own style? Any influence gave you inspiration?

I have to say, I have nobody really that I follow as far as looks are concerned. I’m changing daily! One day I’ll be trendy, classic the next day, a little romantic the other day… This is me. So, I can’t say I look at somebody else for inspiration. I do what I feel is right for me.

Nevertheless, I have to say a part of me is influenced by my love of art, interior decoration, architecture, etc.


How does a typical day in your week look like?

I start my day by waking up early in the morning, with lots of energy. I either go running or to fitness at least 4 times or more a week. This time that I dedicate to myself is very important for me. It makes me better to take care of everybody else, so I always find time for that.


How do you balance your work and your family life?

I’m a mom, a wife, a businesswoman and an influencer we could say. The only way to balance all of that is to set clear priorities and be organized. I do things in order of importance and try to plan strategically.


Do you still draw today?

Yes I do. I collaborate with a sustainable clothing company based here in Geneva where I contribute to the creation of a wardrobe for a client. This is thanks to an image consultation prior to the creation. This using my knowledge of the client to help me target their needs.


Did you always know you wanted to be your own boss?

Yes. I remember my husband telling me back in 2005, when our son was born, that I have so much knowledge and that I should go into business for myself. At that time, I didn’t plan anything, but it came to be as a self-evident fact. With his help and support I launched my own company two years later.


What kind of advice would you give to someone who would like to follow your path?

If somebody came to me today saying “I want to be a fashion designer”, I’d say it’s a tough business. There are a lot of different branches in the fashion industry, so you must consider them all before making a clear decision. Other than that, I’d say follow your instincts! That’s what has always worked for me.


Did you have any doubts when you launched your company?

I just had my son, so the only doubt that I had was “how am I going to do all of this?”. I didn’t have doubts about my project, I knew that there was a need for my services. I knew I could provide that and that I could do it well.


Who do you turn to for advice?

My husband. He has a great business mind and a way of looking at things globally. He always sees the big picture. He would always have great advice. We are very complementary in this sense.


Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

I think I’ll still be doing what I’m doing because I love what I do. Taking care of my friends, my family, and my clients.


Thank you very much Marisol for being with us. It was a pleasure to talk with you.

The feeling is mutual. Thank you for having me.


At AGUAdeORO, we are glad to have the chance to collaborate with such an empowering and inspiring woman like Marisol. To learn more about her work please visit her website: https://marisolimage.ch/votreconseillere/, to learn more about her life please check out her Instagram page: https://instagram.com/inachicstateofmind?utm_medium=copy_link

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