Ring Océane - Red Gold 18k

SKU: AA-1021_R

CHF. 430
Discover the shimmering colors of the seabed with this colorful Oceane ring, adorned with a flat-shaped pink tourmaline stone. With a thin and delicate band, this ring is pleasant to wear for everyday life.

All sizes available. The size is defined after your purchase (an advisor will contact you to guide you in the choice of the size).

18k Red gold Fairtrade with traceability certificate.

diamant de culture

Flat pink tourmaline.

AGUadeORO quality
All our products are manufactured and crimped entirely in Switzerland.
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Following your purchase, one of our advisors will contact you to discuss all your customization options (size, quality, design, adjustments).

cultured stone
This jewel is adorned with a cultured gemstone. It is of great purity. Produced in the laboratory, it does not induce all the social and ecological hazards caused by mine stones.
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Or Fairtrade
The precious metal used for this piece of jewelery is 18 carat gold officially Fairtrade certified by Max Havelaar.
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Traceability certificate
We provide a traceability certificate indicating the origin of our products and their production chain.

Box and packaging
This ring comes with a custom box.

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Ce bijou est garanti 3 ans à partir de la date d’achat. Vous pouvez gratuitement faire réviser votre achat chaque année. À chaque révision effectuée, votre garantie générale est prolongée d'un an.

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