Our Fairtrade gold

We are sensitive to the current social and ecological situation. AGUAdeORO wants to be the bridge between high jewellery and a new ethical and ecological consciousness. By using more socially responsible materials, we do our best to keep our share of the market.

Our values are represented in all our creations, without ever compromising their quality.


A necessary choice

There are many problems associated with metal mining. In most cases, there is a lack of respect for nature, through deforestation and the use of harmful and polluting materials, such as mercury. This substance is often used to extract and refine gold from rocks, but is extremely harmful to the environment, the miner and his community.

However, we should not forget all the other societal problems that arise from this. These often include illegal mining, money laundering and child exploitation. This is in addition to the many global hazards associated with gold mining in general, such as money laundering or the financing of local conflicts.

Despite the evidence of these problems, this is a reality that will not change overnight, even with the use of recycled gold. Indeed, the purchase of recycled gold does not contribute to reducing its production and is linked to the same problems faced by the gold industries, mentioned above. Furthermore, it is not traceable and therefore does not guarantee that it has been mined under fair conditions.

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An ethical promise

Fairtrade gold comes exclusively from small-scale mines that meet the Fairtrade Gold standard. It provides workers in Fairtrade certified gold mines with a guaranteed minimum Fairtrade price for their product. It also ensures that appropriate safety equipment and policies are followed for the well-being of the workers.

By purchasing Fairtrade gold jewellery, you are directly contributing to the improvement of the wealth and natural environment of the gold miners themselves and their communities.

That's why here at AGUAdeORO we have decided to use only Max Havelaar FairTrade certified gold for all our jewellery. By doing so, we directly help local and small-scale miners throughout the gold mining process and ensure that it is done under fair conditions. We are proud to be able to contribute to the progress and development of this sector and to help the local communities that are often dependent on this trade.

We and our partners are regularly audited by FLOCERT, an independent institution for objective control of good practices, to certify that our activity respects the ethical commitments required by Fairtrade. In addition to these audits, we provide you with a certificate of traceability that covers all production, starting from the mine.

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